Why I Started the Trash Leads To Cash Leads Program

Why I Started the Trash Leads To Cash Leads Program

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My idea for the Program Trash Leads To Cash Leads grew out of the knowledge and experience of what it is like to have to market for deals. I know the pain and expense of direct marketing for business. Do we send out postcards or letters? What list? How often? What is our criteria to buy a home? In the end we need to do it and it costs a lot of money, but the rewards are great if we do it right, are they not? I have experienced many times in my real estate business where I am on a real roll and have great momentum and then it just stalls and I have to start from scratch and when you have money to feed the marketing budget it makes it a lot easier, right? There are a lot of expenses in the real estate business. Just to hold my license in Michigan costs me about $1800 per year, between MLS fees, Board dues, Broker fees and other miscellaneous fees. Then you can add on websites, phone, email, various leads, mailings and it goes on from there. It isn’t cheap! I have seen many agents and investors spend all their money on classes and to get their business setup to just go broke and not be able to push that business forward. I know what the expenses are to keep and run a business!
My point is I know how expensive it is to run a real estate business and generate business and I want to help you maximize your leads to make you money to help sustain and grow your business because I know how hard it is!

My program is directed to Wholesalers and Rehabbers that spend a lot of money to get deals coming in the door. Many times you go through 20-30 leads to get one deal, am I right? The leads you are TRASHING, literally throwing away in the garbage that does not fit your criteria, are probably in the hundreds. Those leads are pretty houses in pretty neighborhoods. The leads that have No Equity, Low Equity, Break Even Equity and maybe even Negative Equity! Those leads many times are motivated to sell, but the seller can’t take your number for various reasons and those are the leads that are perfect for The Trash Leads To Cash Leads Program.
So, what am I asking? I asking you to submit to me the leads you can’t do anything with, the ones you are throwing in the garbage and let me convert them to lease option deals and let’s create another income stream for you and your business! I currently have wholesalers sending me some leads and I would love to add more in addition to the cold calling of Expired Listings and For Sale By Owners that I already do.

That being said, what would it be like to have another $500 or $1000 to put towards your next direct marketing campaign? Maybe you can expand to another niche? Maybe it will help pay all those other business expenses we both have? Maybe you and your family go on vacation?
What is your maybe?

Go to: www.TrashLeadsToCashLeads.com and watch the 2 minute video to get started.

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